God, Guns and Ganja: Colorado's Future-politics

Thumbnail image for Colorado cover.jpg"You are at ground zero of an unbridled fascist contagion of fundamentalist Christianity, supremacy, exceptionalism, triumphalism and extremism." Former Reagan White House lawyer Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein is holding forth at a table in the Broadmoor, the renowned Colorado Springs resort where George W. Bush famously vowed to stop drinking the morning after his 40th birthday. In the porte cochère, taxidermied elk have stared with glassy eyes at countless military contractors and Pentagon brass arriving to meet commanders at Cheyenne Mountain, the piney bunker for America's nuclear weapons command looming above the hotel.

Weinstein, a pugnacious Air Force Academy graduate, third-generation military, with a fire-engine-red polo shirt and a beacon of a bald head, prefers to meet at this five-star nuclear Xanadu not because he likes sitting at the bar by the pretty, private lake where well-heeled families paddle in rowboats, but because it has "good security"--something he has needed since he founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in 2005, representing more than 42,000 active-duty military who object to having Christian evangelizers in uniform.

God, Guns and Ganja, here.

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