Behind the Scenes: Producing a Ghislaine Maxwell docuseries


Published in Rolling Stone.

By now, the story of Jeffrey Epstein is well known. When the accused sex trafficker died -- officially ruled a suicide by hanging in his jail cell almost two years ago -- the public was left baffled alongside victims that were denied justice. There seemed to be much more to the story than the satisfaction of one man's carnal needs. What about the mystery of his money, videotapes, rumors of spies and blackmail, and boldface names deleted from court records?

Then a keeper of the key to those secrets was arrested in New Hampshire last summer. British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell swanned around Manhattan for decades, but the general public first got to "know" her in August 2019 when a New York judge released some 2,000 pages of previously sealed pages of a defamation lawsuit against her.

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