Inside the Ivanka Trump Brand


Much has been written about her influence in the campaign. It's been widely reported that she and Kushner were behind the firing of hockey-playing ruffian Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager who famously shoved a female reporter and who was sacked after leading his candidate through the primary season.

The mother of three campaigned for her father into the final weeks of her third pregnancy. A week after the birth of her child, she was introducing her father on a platform in the white, blue-collar enclave of Bethpage, New York.

Among other things, the election in November will have profound effects on the Ivanka Brand, a project to which she's clearly applied her brains and a lot of money. She has had her own line of shoes and scarves (both of which have been subject to litigation--a Trump family pastime, apparently), but she's also taken a cue from her father and published a best-seller, in the vein of the great male works of business porn like her father's The Art of the Deal.

In addition to advising her father, she's working on a second book, Women Who Work: Redefining the Rules for Success, which is "designed to be the millennials' manual for architecting a life you love," according to her website. "It's an inclusive conversation, recognizing that success looks different to every one of us."

On her blog, she's lately been soliciting input from young women to "Weigh In On Ivanka's New Book!" And on Twitter, she's filing links to tips for working women, with the hashtag #womenwhowork. The public solicitation enables her to create an online community of precisely the demographic her father is going to need at least some support from in order to win the presidency--young, working females.

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