New York Times Magazine: Murder in Narrowsburg, N.Y.


In the hills around Narrowsburg, N.Y., where second-home owners tend gardens and the Lenape once roamed, people don't forget a mysterious death. They still talk about the bar owner who shot his waitress in the chest late one night and served just six months in jail after saying it was an accident. Then there was the story about the man who arrived home one night only to notice that his wife, who had been in the back seat, was no longer in the car. Her body was found on the side of a road along the route he'd taken. Charges were never filed. We own a house near Narrowsburg, but I never knew anybody who died mysteriously, until one day a couple of weeks before Christmas 2008, when I saw a picture of a burning house on the front page of our town paper with the headline "Local Woman Dies in Fire." The woman was Catherine Novak, a cheery neighbor I'd known since 2004.

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