Newsweek Cover 11/17/17: How Trump Rules America's Garden of Dicks

Weinsten cover by Nina Burleigh.jpg"Women, you have to treat 'em like shit." --Donald Trump, New York magazine, November 9, 1992

To understand how this bonfire started, we must speak frankly about the Garden of Dicks, a mythical place in the caveman lobe of the male brain. Like that other primeval paradise, the Garden of Eden, men have tried for millennia to create it here on Earth.

The Garden of Dicks is a Hooters. It's an NFL locker room. It's the Vatican. It's the Rolling Stones' private jet. It's Harvey Weinstein's suite at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. It's a top modeling agency in New York City run by a man who, after years of preying on his models, was disgraced for having sex with underage girls. He excused himself by saying, "I'm a man, and I have urges."

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