What About Bill?

bill cover.jpg.

It could go this way: The FLOTUS office has been converted to a man cave. The boudoir-peach paint is covered with dark paneling. Heavy green drapes block out the sun, the better to channel-surf on that 6-foot flat-screen. Sometimes there's a sweaty towel draped over the treadmill, since the first man exercises at odd hours and the staff can't keep up. There's a dog bed in a corner, and an antique brass spittoon welcomes the ashes of anyone who fires up a cigar (the host stopped lighting up years ago but keeps some Cohibas around for his bros).

There's beer in the mini-fridge and Scotch and a bucket of ice on the trolley. He can often be found jawing in this dark den with congressional leaders who need a little Southern charm to get behind the Hillary Clinton stimulus package, or watching soccer with buddies like Irish telecom magnate Denis O'Brien and Canadian mining billionaire Frank Giustra, or sharing dirty jokes with Putin, Erdogan, Hollande and any other male world leader eager to chill after his official meetings with the no-nonsense president of the United States.

Or it could go like this: The peach paint stays. The first man eases himself behind the pale desk where Jackie Kennedy once penned thank-you notes. (He picked it out himself because of his admiration for JFK.) He runs his eyes down a briefing paper on the day's activities: morning photo ops with the wives of the leaders of the Caribbean Basin, a vegan lunch to host at a middle school in Anacostia for his Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative, some spinning time (he took Michelle Obama's spot at the gym) and finally an evening at the Kennedy Center to honor the last performance of the American Ballet Theatre's retiring prima ballerina. Despite his reputation, the first man is an abstemious and quiet fellow now and enjoys checking the lists the White House social secretary sends him to sign off on--menus and floral arrangements, although he refuses to be involved in the negotiations over the new White House china pattern.

One White House, two presidents. What will it look like? I examine the possibilities here

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