Will The Clients Get Off?

observerlogo.gifAll of NYC was trying to guess what high-rollers were in the black book of Anna Gristina, the Scottish madam with a soft spot in her heart of pot-bellied pigs who ran an escort service with prostituted women from Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, NYPD has a new program underway to arrest the johns.

Just before Christmas last year, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly hosted a small, cosmopolitan group of pretty young women in his office at 1 Police Plaza. Most were immigrants to the city, having come from Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe and around the United States. Because of the sensitive nature of what they would discuss, only two other officials were present--the NYPD's chief counsel and the commanding officer in charge of vice.

The women spoke different languages but had at least one thing in common: they had all been brought to the city to labor in the sex industry. The non-natives' first English words were "blow job" and "fuck."

They told harrowing stories of being kidnapped, imprisoned and forced to sell their bodies. One immigrant without legal status in the U.S. described being shuttled around in a livery car, the driver delivering her to various "customers" one after another. "She was basically a prisoner," said one participant at the meeting.

Read the article here at the NY Observer.

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