Nina Burleigh Talking to CNN

Nina Burleigh on CNN.jpegNina Burleigh talked to Chris Cuomo about the latest ruling in the Amanda Knox case, and the motivazione released by Judge Nencini of Florence.

I tried, in the time allotted, to explain why the latest ruling out of Italy contains no news, and makes even less sense than the original conviction, which was based on poorly conducted CSI and relied on the testimony of a man with, literally, Meredith Kercher's blood on his hands.

For the record, when I talk about this, I am not serving as Amanda Knox's advocate. I am simply explaining what I learned from my research, performed to the best of my abilities as an investigative journalist, and which I present in a book that I hope not only explains the case, but the circus around it, and why the case became such a media phenomenon.

And, I think I'm right, Here's the clip and the New Day blog about it.

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